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Wolf lecture/recital

I gave a lecture/recital on Hugo Wolf's Spanisches Liederbuch last night and it went really well. I'm an MM student and did an independent study this semester on Lied for history credit. I'm sick of writing papers so I asked to give a lecture/recital as a finaly project. Here's the program:

Muehvoll komm' ich und beladen
Fuehr' mich, Kind, nach Bethlehem
Herr, was traegt der Boden hier
In dem Schatten meiner Lokken
Sie blasen zum Abmarsch
Moegen alle boesen Zungen
Alle gingen, Herz, zur Ruh
Tief im Herzen trag' ich Pein
Bedeckt mich mit Blumen
Geh', Geliebter!

My teacher was very pleased and felt it was more than worthy of a DMA candidate! :) I tell you what though, if you're thinking of doing any of these songs (pretty much anything by Wolf), make sure you have a *good pianist*, not some hack sight-reader who doesn't practice! The piano parts are really sophisticated and so important that, as a singer, I almost felt superfluous. My pianist was a sophomore piano major and thank God he was eager to learn. Towards the end of the semester, it finally clicked for him that he needed to learn the German too. I hope we can get some repeat performances at conferences.

P. S. I graduate Saturday! Woo hoo! My voice teacher's wife and I are going to start a community music school. She teaches early childhood music based on "Music Learning Theory" of Edwin Gordon and I will teach voice and piano and run the school. Should be quite an adventure!

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Congats! It sounds like a wonderful program. I am singing In dem Schatten meiner Lokken in a few weeks. Any interesting background about that song?
Thanks! Wolf orchestrated it for his only completed opera "Der Corregidor" which was a total failure in 1896. Isn't it deceptively hard?! Tips for the pianist--very dry, voice to the top; in the softer parts the last three eighths hold back, in the louder parts they can move forward. You can be very free with the "Weck ich ihn nun auf?" lines. And be very saucy in the louder parts. She's quite a character!