Shadow Dancer (rgmffn33) wrote in song_recital,
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Hey guys,
Sarah here, just joined... I appreciate the idea of a whole community of people who do what I do... love to sing art song.
I am currently planning a recital of more twentieth century art song... anyone here like Duke?? he is a composer near a dear to my heart... his songs are shorter "gem" like pieces that each have a shine all their own... I have also added some Josh groban songs... and also some old school gaelic influenced songs... But I live for music and thought I would give this community a go.
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I love John Duke's songs! On my last recital, I did "The Bird", "i carry your heart", and "Shelling Peas". :)
I am actually doing i carry your heart... I adore that song, I used it for my Masters audition as well.
I love both Dukes - John and Vernon. Though I have to admit that John is better. If you like Duke, do you also like Quilter? I find that they seem to be, if not similar, complimentary.
Do you have room for some 21st century song on your concert? I sang the set "To make a prairie" by Timothy Hoekmann on my graduate recital--4 songs written in 2002. They are wonderful! Best suited for a light lyric high voice, although I've heard a light mezzo do them. Piano parts are pretty hard. Theodore Presser is the publisher.