zirilein (zirilein) wrote in song_recital,

David del Tredici

I am interested in studying a newly published song cycle by David del Tredici--Lament on the Death of a Bullfighter. It is too new to get through ILL and I don't want to spend $20 plus shipping and discover that it is not for me. So I'm looking for some more information before I do anything that will cost money. Do any of you know his style--either in general or specific to voice?

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The only Tredici I know is Final Alice, which seems to fit fuller coloraturas or lighter lyrics (Barbara Hendricks recorded it). It's fairly singable - some lyric moments interspersed with some spoken or sprechstimme stuff. I don't know if that's exemplary of his style, though.
Did you enjoy singing it? Was it nice to listen to? I'm a little nervous diving into modern stuff because it can be such a crap shoot whether the composer writes well for the voice, the music is accessible to an average (non-NYC) audience, or is into experimental sounds unpleasant for singer and audience alike! But I want to support living composers!
what about composers like Corigliano or Previn?

I've performed Corigliano's "3 Irish Folksongs" for solo voice and flute. it's originally for tenor but I've heard it performed by other voice types. It's beautiful but "different".

Previn's Vocalise for soprano, cello and piano. Gorgeous piece. I think there's a Bonney or an Upshaw recording of it. mmmm... vocalise....

and finally... totally a crowd pleaser... Bolcom's Cabaret. You could form a set or something.