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I'm finally trying to pick my organization that I'd like to donate the money that is raised at my recital
and I'm curious... is it better to pick a local organization over a large global one?
I'm currently looking at World Concern, which is a Christian-based organization (which is also based in Seattle, where the recital will be held) that helps 3rd world countries (aiding in the tsunami aftermath, Ethiopia drought and also does mission-like trips) Since my recital is being held in a church, it might go over well but then again I might end up limiting how many people attend (or rather, donate) because of that...or am I wrong? the majority of people that will be attending are religious as far as I know but I guess I could limit the amount of people that I dont know (? maybe?) I have no personal connection to the organization (except for the fact that I kind of like it)
the other one is City of Hope which is a cancer research organization. I feel that this one is a lot bigger and might think of the small donation as not a whole lot. I have more of a connection to this because I've known people who have passed away from cancer. As much as I'd like to say that my grandma passed away from cancer I dont think that was the actual problem (she was fairly old [86]) but a definate start.

What do you think? and what do you normally pick your organization upon?

thanks :)
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